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  • April 11th was a great evening at North Star which started with the Stars cooking and serving another splendid meal, which we all enjoyed. Then Sec’y Craig read the names of our awardees: RWB Charles N Berry and Bro. Roger Owens 60 years; Bro’s Tom Morgan, Dale Ettinger and Frank DeScenzo 50 years. The Brethren were called up and WM Firman led the Brethren in Grand Honors for these distinguished Masons, then with our Deputy congratulated them on the level.
  • S.D. Davis presented RWB Charles Berry DDGM and RWB Greg Kita our DEO who were greeted by the Master and then by the Brethren with applause. He then presented RWB Jonathan Graph DDGM representing MWB Eric Douglas N Kaylor, Grand Master of Masons in Ohio, who gave remarks.
  • RWB Berry presented corsages to his grand-daughter and Val Craig, who he said were 2 special ladies.
  • S.D. Davis presented Bro. Dale Ettinger who was joined by his family who he introduced. RWB Kraph read the 50-year certificate, then his pin was pinned on by his wife. Dale made remarks about his Masonic life in the York Rite bodies and DeMolay.
  • S.D. Davis presented Bro. Frank DeScenzo: who was joined by Bro. Earl Owens, wife Tracey and Val Craig. RWB Kraph read the 50-year certificate, then his pin was pinned on by WB Craig’s wife. Frank and the others made remarks about their family relationships.
  • S.D. Davis presented Bro. Thomas Morgan. RWB Kraph read the 50-year certificate, then his pin was pinned on by our Deputy. Bro. Tom told us about his EA and FC being in the Philippines while in the service and then being raised by his father, WB Ev Morgan and the Brethren of North Star.
  • Bro. Morgan and DeScenzo then were presented with the Grand Masters Veterans award. Tonight, they both found out each served in the Philippines.
  • S.D. Davis presented WRB Berry, who was joined by his grand-daughter, RWB Kraph read the 60-year certificate, she put his pin on his lapel and they both had a few remarks.
  • S.D. Davis presented Bro. Roger Owens, who was joined by ½ of West Park (his family that included his sister and Brother-n-law, Bill Beutel one of our Brethren; sons Richard, a PM at NS, Robert our Tyler, grandsons Eric our JD and Tim another of our Brethren. WB. Doug Zauler a PM of Parkside Lodge and a few other family members. RWB Kraph read the 60-year certificate, and he was pinned by his sister Jan. Bro. Roger said another grandson was just initiated in an Oregon Lodge.
  • All awardees were also congratulated by RWB Kita and applauses from the Brethren and guests.
    It was also noted that RWB Berry is a 50-year Past Master and the 50 awardees were raised in his year, also he was raised in Bro. Morgan’s father Everand’s year as Master.

Riverside Cemetery will hold its annual, walking,  Brewers and Notables Tour on Saturday, June 9th, starting with orientation in the Nationally Registered ,1876 Victorian  Stone Chapel on the grounds at 8:30 am.  Tour guides will be Cleveland Metroparks Historical Interpreter, Doug Kusak, covering the history of six  major Cleveland brewing families  at their grave sites.  Along the the route, former General Manager Bill Halley will discuss some of the historic persons and families at this historic 141 year-old Cemetery at their grave sites.  The orientation and tour lasts approximately 3 hours.  There is no charge for this event.  Comfortable shoes are recommended and an umbrella in the event of light rain as well.

If you plan to attend, an email to or a call to the office at (216) 351-4800 will help in our preparation.
The Cemetery is located at the Pearl Rd./W. 25th St. exit of I-71 and directly across the freeway from the Metro Hospital Main Campus.

  • What if my dog only brings back my ball because he thinks I like throwing it?
  • The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually be afraid you will make one.

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